March 2022

3rd Grade Students Learn Coding

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Ms. Elliott's third grade class integrated coding with animal reports. The students research and wrote reports on an animal of their choice. To present this in an engaging way they utilized Makey Makey board, which run off of code. The students created their code and recorded their report which they then programed to play when certain buttons were operated on the Makey Makey boards. 


Dr. Seuss Reading Celebration

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We had a great day celebrating reading on Dr. Seuss' birthday! We started the morning with Parents and Pastries and it was so exciting to see so many families show up. Students dressed up as Dr. Seuss book characters, we had guest readers from Valley View Middle School and Salem Jr High, and enjoyed green eggs and ham for school lunch. We ended the day with every student getting a birthday present, their very own new book to take home with them. It was a fun day!