School Community Council -- Serving on the council is a great opportunity to help make important decisions regarding the education of Foothills' students. We invite anyone interested in serving on the council to contact one of the council members.

Foothills School Community Council

2024 - 2025 Meeting Schedule


Time & Place


September 10th3:30 pm Collaboration CenterTraining
October 8th3:30 pm Collaboration CenterTrustlands/TSSA Plan
November 12th3:30 pm Collaboration CenterTrustlands/TSSA Plan
January 14th3:30 pm Collaboration CenterTrustlands/TSSA Plan
February 11th3:30 pm Collaboration CenterTrustlands/TSSA Plan
March 18th3:30 pm Collaboration CenterSchool Access Route Plan and Finalize Trustlands/TSSA Plans, Sign off Plans

Foothills School Community Council

2024 - 2025 Members

Do you want to know more about School Community Council? Contact one of the members below.


Term Ends




Angela Stoddardn/aPrincipal801-787-1526angela.stoddard [at]
Amber Kunz5/25Teacher801-423-9172amber.kunz [at]
Marci Averettn/amarci.averett [at]

2024-2025 School Land Trust Projected Allocation --$87,409.27

2024-25 Trustlands/TSSA Plan for Foothills

For more information on our School Land Trust plan or to see previous years' plans click here.  

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September 2024 Agenda

March 2024 Minutes
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January 2024 Minutes
November 2023 Minutes
October 2023 Minutes
September 2023 Minutes

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