Foothills Rules: Falcons SOAR

Reflexing their Muscles!

Submitted by elyssa.marzan on Sat, 01/30/2021 - 17:48

Congratulations to these 2nd grade students who have been working so hard learn their addition and subtraction facts fluently. These students have earned 100% proficiency on Reflex Math.  Reflex Math is a website many teachers use to help students become fluent in addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts.  Students love the interactive games and being able to track which facts they know by heart, and which ones they still need to work on. Great job, Isaac, David, Nadia, Josh, and Kenedi!

Story and photo by Elyssa Marzan

Multiplication and Division Rockstars!

Submitted by elyssa.marzan on Mon, 12/28/2020 - 10:12

All of their hard work has finally paid off!  4th grade has been working hard each day to pass of their multiplication and division facts,  It's tough to get them all memorized and recite them or write them down, espeically if they're being timed which turns up the pressure.  Congratulations to these 4th grade students who have finally been able to pass each and everyone of them off! It was hard work, but they kept at it until they were able to SOAR through them.

Photo by Morgan Barber, story by Elyssa Marzan