September 2017

Florida Fundraiser

Students in Mr. Muhlestein's 6th grade class are great examples of Happy Heroes. They donated books and school supplies to Miss Makin's 3rd grade class in Florida. Miss Makin's class lost everything due to Hurricane Irma and they are so grateful for the love and support from Mr. Muhlestein's students. Way to go Falcons!

Happy Hero Assembly

Students had a great time during the Happy Hero Assembly. Students were rewarded for their hard work and kindness towards others. They participated in games and won prizes. Go Falcons!

Constitution Day


Second-grade students at Foothills Elementary enjoyed learning about the Constitution of the United States of America. They participated in several activities and had a great time. 

Kindness Assembly

Students at Foothills Elementary went on a "trip" to Kenya. Students discovered new friendships through music, videos, and storytelling. They learned about the importance of being kind and showing respect to others. 

Cooking Up Some Fun

Students in Mrs. Elliott's sixth-grade class are learning about informative writing. Each student created their own cake recipe. The class decided to try and make some of the cakes.