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Rubber Band Scientists!

Mrs. Kate Elliott

Mrs. Elliott's class was challenged to come up with a new use for rubber bands.  One group created an earring holder with their rubber bands.  Each band holds three pair of studs or two pair of dangling earrings. Great job scientists.

"How To's!"

Mrs. Kate Elliott

Mrs. Elliott's class had a great and tasty time sharing their "How to Make a Cake" papers.  After sharing their papers, two students were selected to have their cakes made.  Our class learned that we have to be very precise in our writing. If the recipe called for two eggs, Mrs. Elliott put in two eggs without even cracking them unless the paper specifically said. She also added butter and cream cheese without unwrapping them.  Next paper, we will be much more precise as we give directions to another student when we complete our next "How To's."

Cooking Up a "Storm"


Mr. Muhlestein’s 6th grade class enjoyed making earthquake cakes as part of a writing activity. The students wrote some great recipes and the cakes were yummy too!