April 2017

50's Party in Mrs. Young's Class

Katie Young

For our "Throw Back Thursday" class party we decided to go all the way back to the 50's. We dressed up in popular styles from over 60 years ago including poodle skirts and greaser hair. We experienced and learned about record players and typewriters, and had a wicked fun day!

Blast Off

The teachers at Foothills Elementary are the best! They work hard every day to provide a safe and fun learning environment for their students. They also take time during faculty meetings for professional development. Thanks to our STEM teachers who shared how to make and launch rockets. It was a "Blast!"

UFMA Traveling Museum

Annie Burbidge Ream

The Traveling Museum Project’s current exhibition explores Journey Stories.  The artwork featured in this exhibition tells stories about a variety of journeys. Each section focuses on objects from diverse cultures. The first section, Trade and Travel, considers how objects like money and passports help make us mobile and give us the ability to travel. The second section, Spiritual Journeys, explores ways the afterlife is viewed in many cultures as a journey.

Dream Catchers

Kate Elliott

We had some wonderful visitors help us make Native American Dream Catchers as part of our study of religions of the world.  We learned that all religions use mandalas in their art work.  Mr. and Mrs. Harmer, who are retired teachers from Spanish Fork Junior High, came and helped us learn more about the artistic mandalas of Ancient America. 

We Want You for Ballroom Dance


Dear Students and Parents,

We have just finished a fabulous year with our ballroom program and we are ready
to start registering students for the 2017-2018 school year. During ballroom,
students learn respect, cool dance moves, social skills, and we have TONS of fun!
Each child receives performance opportunities and 5th and 6th graders get the
opportunity to compete as a team, representing our school at the local, regional and
state team matches.