March 2016

Leprechaun Gold!

The kindergarten students help Mrs. Elliott's class capture a leprechaun. Sadly, that leprechaun outsmarted us once again. Thankfully, he left some yummy chocolate gold behind.

Picasso Quilt Masterpiece

Mrs. Scharf’s 5th grade class created a work of art. Tara Pierce helped the students create a Picasso Quilt Painting.  She gave each student a piece of white paper to paint on. Each student was assigned a square of a Picasso painting to copy. The finished project looks amazing!


Foothills PTA held a free carnival for meeting the fundraiser goal. Students and parents enjoyed a fun evening.



Third-grade students were encouraged to apply basic science skills in creative ways. They shared their inventions and displays with students, parents and faculty.  


Chess Club

Congratulations to our chess club students for winning 5th place at the Nebo District Chess Tournament.