UFMA Traveling Museum

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The Traveling Museum Project’s current exhibition explores Journey Stories.  The artwork featured in this exhibition tells stories about a variety of journeys. Each section focuses on objects from diverse cultures. The first section, Trade and Travel, considers how objects like money and passports help make us mobile and give us the ability to travel. The second section, Spiritual Journeys, explores ways the afterlife is viewed in many cultures as a journey. The third, Telling Tales, highlights how stories are recorded and adventures are told, because often the most important part of a journey is the story that goes along with it. Foothills Elementary has enjoyed the UFMA Traveling Museum. The Traveling Museum Project installs exhibitions in communities and schools throughout the state of Utah using objects from the Utah Museum of Fine Arts’ Education Collection. With an object-centered, inquiry-based approach, the Traveling Museum Project explores the roles that art plays in people’s lives across the globe. The goals of the program are to assist in the development of visual literacy, foster independent learning, and cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity.
Annie Burbidge Ream