Snowmen at Night

Submitted by corallee.findlay on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 14:56
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The 6th and 5th grade students in Mrs. Nebekers art class have been working on "Snowmen at Night". They started by reading the Snowmen at Night story written by Caralyn Buehner illustrated by Mark Buehner. After reading the story we discussed what would YOUR snowman do at night? They had many great and wonderful ideas. We discussed making sure the art had layers, background, lots of details, creativity and shading.  Once their idea was in place, they did a pre-sketch of their concept. Next, they started to draw it on their final paper.  Finally, they used chalk pastels to add all their details. Little did they know that we would make a contest out of it. When they were finished, we let the voting begin! They were so excited to see each piece of art. There were so many great ones it was hard to choose just one!Congrats to all the winners as well as to all the students. The teachers all really liked your art! 


Christi Nebeker