Message from Mrs. Huntsman: FOOTHILLS—Best Students, Parents, Teachers and Staff!!!

Submitted by keri.huntsman on Sat, 03/28/2020 - 13:19
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I want to express my deep appreciation to ALL our teachers and staff who have been working long hours to stay connected to students and families. We know this has been a learning curve and disruption to the norm for families and it's been hard to stay positive, and yet we have received many kind comments, emails and gestures of gratitude from appreciative parents. Here are some examples during the past two weeks. A parent ordered and delivered pizza for teachers who were working late. Another parent stopped by to bring bags of chocolate with a nice note. A group of parents donated a catered grab and go lunch for teachers and staff. And PTO planned a teacher parade. These acts of kindness do not go unnoticed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was nice to see students and parents yesterday during the packet drop off and pick up. We miss our students! Thank you for your help in making it a smooth and safe process for everyone. I was amazed at how well the process worked to ensure social distance and want to share the ideas that were discussed with grade level team leaders that led us to the decisions and success of the process.  1--With the announcement by Governor Herbert on Monday to soft close (dismissal) schools until May 1st and packet trading day coming, we decided after much discussion that students needed to have all their books and pencil boxes at home along with their packets for the next month to help parents with at-home learning. 2--We also felt it was important for students to have their personal belongings so our custodial staff could clean cubbies and desks before kids came back (we are extremely hopeful). 3--If students come back on May 4th, there will be three weeks left of school with lots of fun activities, assemblies and field trips planned. Along with continued learning this will be a fun payoff time for their hard work all year.4--Last, but not least, we wanted students to have a little bit of positive but socially distant interaction at the school.  We are very hopeful that we will be back in school on May 4th! We miss all of you so stay safe and as always we will keep you updated! Thank you for the cute sidewalk chalk messages! Mrs. Huntsman