Foothills Expressions Winners

Submitted by angela.stoddard on Tue, 11/03/2020 - 16:59
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We want to congratulate the following students on placing in our top 3 for the PTO Expressions Contest. These students will now move onto Region where they will compete against students from Mt. Loafer!

Visual Arts 3D- Tessa Dent, Cole Wheelwright, Joseph Thompson, Jaxon Hansen, Lily Horne, Elizabeth Lee, Emily Wheelwright, April Christean

Visual Arts 2D- Mary Cox, Hennley Erickson, Autumn McKell, Dakota Fuller, Mei Lynn Huntsman, Katelynn Walters, Ella Lyman, Austin Fuller, Lily Black

Literature- Oaklee Martin, Mabel Wilkins, Jacey Byrnes, Evelyn Hansen, Sam Ward, Ryker Cook

Film- Mabel Wilkins, Ivey Yoder

Dance- Charlotte Datin, Zane Fredrickson, Ian Willis, Blakely Erickson, Finn Fredrickson, Ivey Yoder

Photography- Jayleigh Brady, Sophia Miller, Blakely Erickson, Hazel Marks, Avery Tanner

Music- Mei Lynn Huntsman, Aiden Coyne