Foothills Ballroom Dance Team Wins Sportsmanship Traveling Trophy

Submitted by keri.huntsman on Sat, 02/04/2017 - 08:20

Foothills Elementary students have their first ever Ballroom Dance Team thanks to Coach Angie Lowe. The students competed against other elementary schools at Timpanogos High on January 21. The two teams took Gold and Silver, and the trophies are almost as tall as the students.

Angie Lowe has extensive knowledge of ballroom technique. Her objective for her students is to teach them far beyond steps and music. The goal of the program at Foothills is to provide social dance instruction for children in a positive, friendly, and fun atmosphere. She believes this type of instruction builds self-esteem and confidence. Through partnered ballroom dance movement, children learn mutual respect and social skills useful throughout their lives.

Coach Lowe is most proud of the students winning the Sportsmanship Award. She said, “They were one of the most respectful kids there. I had so many parents from other schools compliment them because of it. It is very apparent we have some amazing kids.”

Principal Keri Huntsman said, “They did fabulous! The purple team earned a Gold and the orange team received a Silver. But the best thing is that our school received the Sportsmanship Traveling Trophy.”


Lana Hiskey