Falcons of the Month for September- Respect

Submitted by angela.stoddard on Fri, 10/09/2020 - 14:07
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We celebrated our September Falcons of the Month today. Our character trait focus for the month was Respect and these outstanding students are the standouts for our school in modeling how to show respect in everything they do and to everyone they meet!

Congratulations to these Falcons of the Month: Flora Cox, Sammy Langton, Noah Searle, Kaitlyn Horne, Olivia Childs, Allison Rugg, DJ Larsen, Sarah Lee, Weston Holley, Camden Bird, Bridger Valgardson, Isaac Adamson, Kyle Baker, Emma Leifson, Hendrix Giles, Dawn Ballantyne, Haley Willis, Bailey Tucker, Ilene Bowler, Dylan Torgersen, Maya Davis, Bryson Williams, Halley Jenni, Sarajoy Millington, Abigail Langton, Hayze Johnson, Houston Billings