October 2021

Trees Planted at Foothills

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Thanks to one of our PTO Parents, Kiersten Thomson, our school had three trees donated by Trees Utah recently. Jack from Trees Utah brought the trees, taught our Student Council all about the benefits of trees, and how to plant the tree properly. Our Student Council then planted each tree and gave it a name. We are thankful for all those involved in getting trees on our back field to provide shade, beauty, and many other benefits for years to come!

PrinciPALs Lunch Club

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Mrs. Stoddard was super lucky and got to have lunch with some special Falcons this week. Teachers each chose a student they wanted to celebrate to have lunch with the principal in the Conference Room. The students got to each their lunch in fancy chairs and enjoy some ice cream and fun with Mrs. Stoddard. Way to go Falcons!

Fundraiser Success at Foothills

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We are so excited to announce that because of so many generous donations to our school fundraiser this year we were able to raise over $9000. This money will go towards books for students, updated technology in classrooms, and many, many school activities that will happen throughout the year. To celebrate meeting and surpassing our goals we had a super fun day with the Salem Hills Fall Athletes. They came over and played recess games, volleyball, football, soccer, basketball, and danced with our students. They did it all and it was an amazing day at Foothills!

Apple Day

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1st grade students were excited to celebrate Apple Day.  They participated in fun activities like apple tasting and learning about Johnny Appleseed.

Photos by Tiffaney Jacobsen