The Final Four!

Submitted by angela.stoddard on Wed, 03/17/2021 - 21:11

Math Madness Month is down to the Final Four! These students are rockin' their multiplication facts. 

Congratulations to the Final Four in each grade:

3rd grade- Ryker Cook, Miriam Griffiths, MaCaleb Thompson, Bronx Searle

4th grade- Kensi Gillie, Mallory Brockbank, Beau Van Zyverden, Boe Wright

5th grade- Nathan Wall, Payton Jones, Beckam Barker, Darby Haskell

Math Madness at Foothills

Submitted by angela.stoddard on Thu, 03/11/2021 - 16:44

We are excited to celebrate March Madness a little different this month with Math Madness! Students in grades 3,4, and 5 are competing against each other in Multiplication facts. We had our Sweet 16 from each grade compete this week and now have the Elite 8 ready to go for next week. These kids are super speedy at their times tables. Way to go Falcons!

Day 100, but Who's Counting?

Submitted by elyssa.marzan on Tue, 02/02/2021 - 20:50

We are counting!  Today(and on Friday), many classes around the school celebrated the 100th day of school by incorporating a variety of different activities into their learning. Students counted 100 hundred items of all different sorts, made marshmallow towers using 100 marshmallows and toothpicks, created pictures using shapes, licked lollipops 100 times to see if they could make it to the center, and wrote stories about what they would be like at 100 years of age.  We are so proud of the students being 100 days smarter and of all the many things they have learned so far this year!

Photos by 1st and 2nd Grade Teachers