An Awesome Start to a Special School Year

Submitted by angela.stoddard on Thu, 08/27/2020 - 21:23

It has been a great start to our unique and special school year. We welcomed back our students on the first day of school with a red carpet, balloons, and cheers. We were so excited to have them back after 5 long months. A special thank you to our Salem Royalty for coming and cheering our students on as they entered for the first day of school!

Our kindergartners joined us this week making our school complete. We are so excited to see them and hope they have the best first year of school.

We are also extremely grateful for all the parent support that will be so important this year. Our teachers and room parents got together to discuss the year and it was a great event of synergizing and working together to help our students have a safe, fun, and memorable school year!