Julie Wilcox Wins PEAK Award

Submitted by angela.stoddard on Thu, 09/15/2022 - 14:55

Congratulations to Julie Wilcox, our ISC Class Technician for winning the District PEAK Award. Julie was nominated by Olivia Chatterton. The PEAK Award is a special award that recognizes Nebo School District Employees who show Positive Energy and Kindness. Mrs. Chatterton said, "Julie goes above and beyond to serve the students she works with. She is always positive and kind. She is a joy to be around! Julie is an excellent choice for the Nebo PEAK (Positive Energy and Kindness Award).”

Science in 4th Grade

Submitted by sarah.ledingham on Tue, 09/13/2022 - 16:02

In Mrs. Orton’s class we studied bird beaks from a Bio Box from the Bean Museum on the BYU campus. We learned how the structures of these different beaks help the birds thrive in their environments. 

Judy Orton