The Living Planet Aquarium Visits Foothills

Submitted by corallee.findlay on Tue, 05/20/2014 - 09:53

Second-Grade students enjoyed a visit from The Living Planet Aquarium's Education Team. They brought their Rain Forest Van full of core-based educational activities. They introduced tropical rainforests and mapping skills while students “traveled” acrossed continents identifying locations of tropical rainforests around the world. Students also had the opportunity to observe live rainforest animals.

Rain rorest animals they saw:

April Fantastic Falcons

Submitted by corallee.findlay on Thu, 05/15/2014 - 20:38
  • Taylor: McKay Benson
  • Peterson: Zander Burke, Avery Miner
  • Kindergarten: Alison Roden, Grant Stevens, Colin Conant, Samuel Devore, Cruz Hadley, Beckham Penrod, Abigail Southam, Kian Van Valkenburgh, Adalyn Kirk, Alexia Richards
  • 1st Grade: Milo Cope, Mason Rogers, Savanna Seat, Sarah Strassburg,Benjamin Curley, Jaidyn Heller, Ethan Hopkins, Elsie Jones, Myleigh Bigler, Afton Christensen, Porter Harmon, Abraham France, Karissa Murray, Brandon Snow
  • 2nd Grade: Maggie Abbott, Brock Thomas,Deuel Cheney, Cameron Kaletta, Logen