School News

Fifth-Grade Revolutionary War Readers' Theatre

Jessica Hiatt

The fifth-grade classes enjoyed doing reader's theatre about the Revolutionary War.  They performed "Tea Overboard" about the  Boston Tea Party, "The British are Coming!" about Paul Revere's Ride and "Molly Pitcher" which was about the Battle at Valley Forge.  The final theatre was from King George's point of view.  It was a fun and educational experience!

Fourth-Grade's Trip to the Symphony

Bridgette Cheever

What colors do you see when you listen to music? Foothill's fourth-grade had the opportunity to see the many brilliant colors created by the Utah Symphony. Conductor Valdimir Kulenovic instructed the students to envision music in terms of color. They could see relaxing blue when the Symphony performed Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake.” We were taught that music is full of imagery.

December Fantastic Falcons



Lew AM: Myleigh Bigler, Ali Ewell, & McKell Iverson

Lew PM: Azlan Rothlin, Chelsey Hughes, & Gracie Edwards

Nelson AM: Megan Stone, Brock Mortensen, & Zoey Haskell

Nelson PM: Alivia Higginson, Alex Johnson, & Jessica Hunt


1st Grade: Burnah: Kate Richards, Bright Rasmussen, & Jade Gravely

Ward: Maggie Abbott, Hunter Smith, & Rilyne Keck

Hunter: Ashley Lawrence, Reed Kuhni, & Savannah Turner

Lundell: Max Degelbeck, Braxton Jacobson, & Marnie Briggs


Let the Games Begin!

Maureen Bushman

During the month of December Mrs. Bushman's class studied about the ancient Greeks.  On Thursday and Friday, December 13 and 14th students participated in a 6th grade version of the Olympic Games.  Each group of 4 students were assigned a Greek city-state.  They created a flag and a group cheer to support each other in the athletic events. The events were "Thumb Wars", an RPS (rock-paper-scissors) competition, javelin throwing (plastic straws), discus toss, and a chariot race.   An opening ceremony and preliminary rounds were held on Thursday.

Third-Grade Day of Service

Darren Thurgood

Spearheaded by Mrs. Roberts, the third-grade decided that 12-12-12 should be a day of service to people and service men and women stationed in Afghanistan. On that day they tied blankets, wrote Christmas notes, and painted wooden cars. Sergeant Jed Lundell came to accept the gifts and to take them to those who would be able to send them to service men and women in time for Christmas. When Sergeant Lundell came to accept the gifts on Friday December 14th, he awarded the third-grade a plaque of appreciation and Medals of Honor for the items created on our day of service.   

Christmas Around the World

Maureen Bushman

On Friday, November 30th, the sixth-grade students went to BYU to see the Christmas Around the World program.  They enjoyed seeing costumes and dances from a variety of countries, including Africa, India, Sweden, and Mexico.  It was very colorful and entertaining.  (No pictures of the program were allowed, sorry.)

November Fantastic Falcons

We are proud of our students.  Great job Falcons!

Kindergarten: Spencer Black, Fiona Cope, Carter Barrett,Tyler Baker, Chelsey Hughes, Joshua Butler, Haili Lewis, Paisley Tucker, Samuel Wride, Carson Wright, Cassie Alker, Landon Harden

Mrs. Ward's Class:  Dallin Schmutz, Aidan Hamilton, Sariya Chatwin

First-Grade:  Gabrail Weber, Elizabeth Burnah, Andrew Benson, Samantha Child, Rydan Currie, Grace Lassen, Paige Hunter, Swayzie King, Luca Anderson, Micah Dietz, McKinzie Cook, Ava Lee