School News

March Fantastic Falcons


  • 6th Grade:

Sarah Watson, Caden Black, Sadie Geyerman, Alesha Turnbow, Autumn Merrill, Saige Glazier, Tyler Francom, Oakley Palfreyman, Nick Adamson, Lexi Clark, Alexa Nielson, Aubrey Snow, Aubrey Tasker, Parker Wasson, Sam Stewart

  • 5th Grade:

Kapri Boggess, Chase Higgison, McKenzie Shoemaker, Lily Dayton, Bryan Arias, Alison Horton, Hannah Brockbank, Heston Wood, Josh Abbott, Miah Hartvigsen, Christian Hawkins, Ashton Snow 

White Ribbon Week - Protect Your Mind!

The PTA is sponsoring White Ribbon Week (Internet Safety Week). The theme for this year is "I've Got the Power!"  Throughout the week students will learn about internet safety and participate in different themed days.  Monday's theme was "Protect your mind!"  Students were taught to "crash and tell" if anything online makes them feel uncomfortable.  Students were encouraged to wear hats to show that they will "protect" them minds.

A "Treasure Chest" of Rare Books is Explored at Foothills Elementary

Mrs. Tanner from the University of Utah Marriott Library Book Arts Program spent a whole day with fifth-grade students at Foothills Elementary in Salem, Utah.  She shared with them a “treasure chest” of rare books.  Students were able to view and handle hand-painted scrolls, a clay tablet, a palm leaf book, and more.  Students discovered how to make a variety of books and were able to “write” on their very own clay tablet.  



Students and faculty at Foothills Elementary enjoyed an assembly from A.R.T.S., Inc. (Artistic Resource for Teachers and Students).  The Acting-up Theater Company performed the show “Act-Ademics”.  It was a fun, energetic, and very educational show.  The performing group used theater, puppetry, and audience participation to demonstrate how dance, drama, and music can be integrated with math, reading, and science every day.  


Ahoy Matey!

Robin Burnah

The first graders celebrated pirate day as the culmination of their map unit. They had pirate activities throughout the day and ended with a pirate treasure hunt. The children found the treasure chest in Mrs. Huntsman's office.

Living Waters Aquarium

Bridgette Cheever

Living Waters Aquarium

Foothill's fourth-grade students had a great time during the Living Waters Aquarium presentation. They experienced the water cycle on a 3D table and even danced their way through the cycle. The students made explosion clouds with 2 liter bottles and a bicycle pump. The best part was when the students had the opportunity to hold a garter snake, see a tiger salamander, and a red-spotted frog. Thank you Living Waters Aquarium for coming to our school!