School News

May Fantastic Falcons

Congratulations on a job well done!

Kindergarten:  Addyson Tasker, Carter Barrett, Reese Geilmann, Chenielle Nye, Sienna Pope, Trevor Coffman

First-Grade:  Brooklyn Merril, Hallie Walker, Jay Aston, Edward Lambert, Brock Thomas, Colton Theobold, Marisa Quintana, Braxton Horrocks, Avari Curtis, Garrett Woolsetenhulme, Zakary Shelley, Landon Richmond

Second-Grade:  Hailey Clawson, Ryan Baker, Kaycee Bott, Elizabeth Griffin, Isaac Button, Landyn Miller, Emily Brooks, Ammon MacArthur

Annual Fifth-Grade Egg Drop

Jessica Hiatt

The fifth graders were able to participate in an egg drop for science.  Each child made a container to hold a raw egg.  Salem City brought their boom truck up to help drop them from different heights.  There were many creative creations but in the end, only a handful of students were successful!

Chess Club Closing Social

Students who participated in the chess club this year enjoyed doughnuts and juice and thier closing social.  Students had a fun time learning more about the game of chess and making new friends.  Thanks to Mr. Thurgood and parent volunteers for helping to make the chess club such a great success.

April Fantastic Falcons

Kindergarten:  Kyler Young, Regan Swensen, Lydia Wall, Brenna Young, Karissa Young, Paige Henderson, Haven Krause, Elijah Green

Miss Taylor:  Kord Larsen

1st Grade:  Jacob Veatch, Sophie Hartvigsen, Treydn Schafer, Asthon Henderson, Isaac Christensen, Claire McCann, Bridger Petersen, Andrew Ramondini, Courtney Argyle, Kira Hamblin, Tess Glazier

2nd Grade:  Charly Christensen, Jackson Hallows, Evann Garner, Carson Whitaker, George Clayton, Ian Cope, Grant Barney, Matthew Horton, Kevin Young


Students had a great time at the walk-a-thon on Tuesday, April 23rd.  They raised over $6,000 dollars.