School News

Living Waters Aquarium

Bridgette Cheever

Living Waters Aquarium

Foothill's fourth-grade students had a great time during the Living Waters Aquarium presentation. They experienced the water cycle on a 3D table and even danced their way through the cycle. The students made explosion clouds with 2 liter bottles and a bicycle pump. The best part was when the students had the opportunity to hold a garter snake, see a tiger salamander, and a red-spotted frog. Thank you Living Waters Aquarium for coming to our school!


Kindy 500

Kindergarten students were each issued a "driver’s license" and a "key" so they could drive their cars to different destinations throughout the United States (school).  They saw the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore and even got to visit with Betsy Ross and Abraham Lincoln.  They really enjoyed learning more about this great country in which we live.


Dr. Seuss Read-a-thon

Robin Burnah

Friday, March 1st, Foothills fifth-graders and first-graders met together and had a Dr. Seuss read-a-thon. The first-graders loved reading Dr. Seuss books to their fifth-grade buddies and listening to the fifth-graders read to them. 

February Fantastic Falcons

  • Kindergarten: Keyana Murray, Elsie Jones, Samuel Rassi, Lafe Parrish, Kinley Corless, Aliya Jackson, Ian Modesitt, Brooklyn Jacobsen, Daniel Gunderson, Linden Valgardson, Kynslee Harris
  • 1st Grade: Vienna Simonsen, McKay Brimhall, Cohen Penrod, Cash Hancock, Ashley Miller, Sydnee Nicholls, Eli Hoschouer, Brady Carter, Trevor Jacobsen, Olivia Jackson, Kenadi Lee, Yadira Guzman, Isaac DeGraw

Valentine Cookies

Students at Foothills Elementary have been working hard and reading everyday.  Several students were rewarded for their reading and were chosen to decorate Valentine cookies with the principal.  It was a lot of fun and very yummy!

Sixth-Grade Field Trip

Maureen Bushman

On Friday, February 1st, the sixth-grade students traveled to Salt Lake City to visit the Clark Planetarium.  The students enjoyed looking at the many "hands-on" exhibits about space and space travel.  The "Science on a Sphere" presentation about Earth's seasons was very interesting.  The Hansen Dome experience was like traveling through space in your own private spaceship!  After eating lunch in the Grand Hall at the Gateway, the 6th graders climbed aboard the buses and returned back to school.  This was a great day to learn all about 6th grade science in a very visual way.

January Fantastic Falcons



Lew AM: Miloh Garner, Isabelle Langton, & Parker Thalman

Lew PM: Brinley Beisinger, Afton Christensen, & Milo Cope

Nelson AM:

Nelson PM: Alivia Higginson, Alex Johnson, & Jessica Hunt


1st Grade: 

Burnah: Anya Clark, Elexa Roundy, Aleia Roundy

Ward: Addisyn Argyle, Landen Bench, Kayden Whitaker

Lundell: Kali Ehnot, Claire Black, Jacob Swenson, Alyssa Beckstrand


2nd Grade:

Lybbert: Ryan Weakly, Luke Hanks, Celia Slusher