School News

Thank you, Firefighters!!!!


As a way to say thank you to the firefighters who bravely fought so hard to keep our community and our homes safe, Mrs. Nebeker had the students write thank you notes and decorate posters. Thank you firefighters, we are so grateful!! 

Tech Savvy First Graders


The students in Mrs. Headman's 1st grade class got on their Chromebooks for the first time. There is quite a learning curve when getting on the Chromebooks for the first time and they did awesome! 

Just Jumpin' Assembly

We had the opportunity to have the jump rope group, Just Jumpin' come to our school and get us excited about beng physically active. They amazed us with their incredible routines and even got some students and teachers jumping!

Fun with Mr. H!


We are so lucky that we get to have Mr. Hanosek at our school. He is our school's digital coach and is here to help teachers and students incorporate technology in meaningful ways. Mr. Hanosek came into Mrs. Brindley's class to help her students with using Chromebooks.

When a student sees Mr. H enter their classroom, they know it's going to be a fun day! 


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