School News

We Take Care of Our Teeth!


Second grade students at Foothills Elementary are learning about the importance of good oral hygiene. They enjoyed a presentation, from a local orthodontic office, on how to take care of their teeth.

February Foothills Falcons

Congratulations to our February Foothills Falcons!

6th Grade:  Makayla Black, Sidney Crook, Luke Dietz, Rachael Ericksen, Mitchell Batty, Emily Crow, Austin Murray, Larson Brown, London Merrill, Sophie Richards, Chase Higginson, Cambria Jensen, Jenna Loveridge, Zachary Stones

5th Grade:  Henry Clayton, Morgan Harris, Catilin Wudel, Anne Brian, Peyton Cook, Sawyer Palfreyman, Ethan Prins, Gentry Otte, Hannah Richards, Jaxon Villar, Josie Woolstenhulme, Hyrum Gunderson, Emily Weber

And the Race Is On!


Mrs. Scarf's fifth-grade class designed and made their own mice mazes. Students took cardboard boxes and glued cardboard strips to create a maze for their mice to run in. They had a great time creating, building, and racing their mice.


Repertory Dance Theatre

Students and faculty at Foothills Elementary enjoyed an assembly from the Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT). The RDT is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Students learned how to creatively move through space using different elements of dance. Students also enjoyed integrating movement with learning.

Reading Reward Activity

Several students were chosen to decorate Valentine cookies with the principal. They were chosen from a drawing. All students that read the required mintues for the month were placed in a drawing. Congratulations and keep reading!

Chinese Dragon Visits Foothills

Kate Elliott

Mrs. Elliott’s class has loved learning about ancient China. They spent time learning about the archeological find of the Terracotta Army created by the first Chinese emperor for whom China was named, Qin (pronounced Chin) in the year 246 BCE. Then, on January 31st, the students celebrated Lunar New Year by performing a lion dance in all the classrooms of the school. The students also made lucky red envelopes for each student in the school and put a surprise inside each envelope to wish every child "fu" (luck) and wished all students “Gong Hei Fat Choi” (Happy New Year).

January Fantastic Falcons

Congratulations to our January Fantastic Falcons!

Miss Taylor: Krew Christensen

Mrs. Peterson:  Trace Pearman, Jamisen Doherty

Kindergarten: Lily Davis, Alayna Maestas, Kenya Ward, Kayden Bott, Kambrie Jacobsen, Cade Whitaker, Braxton Allred, Mackenzee Nicholls, Payzlie Taylor

1st Grade: Kendrick Elliott, Abigail Lyman, Alex Johnson, Isabelle Langton, Caleb Boyle, Megan Stone, Paige Henderson, Jivan Padilla, Zoey Haskell, Lexi Ortega, Brooklyn Robbins