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Be the Magic Week

Submitted by corallee.findlay on Wed, 01/28/2015 - 09:24

Be the Magic!

Students at Foothills Elementary created “magic” by participating in several activities throughout the week. On Tuesday, January 20th, PTA volunteers spent 30 min. in the each classroom teaching a 30 minute lesson on gratitude. During this time students were given the opportunity to write thank you notes to their teachers.

On Wednesday, January 21st, each class discussed the importance of kindness and giving service to others. The students wrote what act of kindness/service they had provided or would provide on a Mickey Mouse cut out and taped them around the lunchroom for display.

On Thursday, January 22nd, students were given the opportunity to meet two new friends during lunch. Each table was labeled with an activity. Students would choose what activity they liked to do and ate lunch on that table. They were encouraged to meet and talk to a new friend.

On Friday, January 23rd, students were challenged to think of ways they are special/unique and then they each made a snowflake and wrote how they were unique. The snowflakes were then displayed in the front foyer of the school.