October 2014


Pamela Roberts

Mrs. Roberts loves to play the violin. This summer some very generous people, including the Nebo Education Foundation, donated a sizable sum of money so Mrs. Roberts could share this incredible instrument with her class. Mrs. Roberts purchased 30 violins through Boothe Brothers Music and along with several other instrument donations has been able to provide a violin for each student in her class.

Be The Magic

Bob Moore-Pilot & Sarah Ward-Photographer

'Be The Magic' is the theme for Foothills Elementary School this year. The students are engaged in doing 'Little Wows' for others each day. Our goal is to 'Be The Magic' for someone who needs a little magic cheer! Great job students, faculty and staff for helping make this activity magical.

We appreciate Mr. Bob Moore, the pilot and Mrs. Sarah Ward, 1st grade teacher and photographer for capturing this spectacular event.

Johnny Appleseed Day

Second-grade students at Foothills Elementary enjoyed a day of measuring/graphing apples, writing apple stories, and making applesauce to celebrate Johnny Appleseed day. Each student even made thier own Johnny Appleseed hat.

September Fantastic Falcons

Congratulations to our September Fantastic Falcons:

Miss Taylor's Class: James McEwan

Kindergarten: Coakley Jensen, Hallie Jones, McKelle Nielson, Trig Richards, Tanner Torgersen, Hallie Tucker, Rees Nielsen, Shay Oliver, Cameron Strand, Landon Hanks, Megan Lyman, Courtney Peterson

1st Grade: Kayden Bott, Ruby harris, Alison Roden, Braxton Allred, Kanyon Argyle, Clara Porter, Jayston Sutter, Sophia Weber, Hunter Fuju, Ruby Stokes